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November 10, 2011

Eclipse Based Documentation Browser Fixes

Installing JDK/JRE 6 32-Bit and creating an appropriate eclipse.ini file fixes the Nokia Java SDK 1.1 for Java help browser on on x64/JDK 7 configurations.

The documentation browser provided by the Nokia SDK for Java 1.0/1.1 and the Web Developers Library (dowloadable) are based on versions of the Eclipse Platform pre 3.7, and does not start out of the box if you are using an x64 JVM or JDK 7. The simple solution is to install the JDK or the JRE based on the Java SE  6 32-Bit. Next we need to find the eclipse executable eclipse.exe, through our installation directory [Installation PATH]Nokia_SDK_1_1_Java\doc\docbrowser\eclipse\ for the Nokia SDK for Java 1.0 and create the eclipse.ini file adding a couple of lines in it responsible to launch the doc browser with the correct VM:

-vm[Attention no spaces][RETURN]
[PATH to your Java 6 32-Bit SDK]\bin\javaw.exe

The same applies to the Web Developers Documentation, place the eclipse.ini in the same directory where the eclipse.exe executable resides. This fix is inteded to whom wants to use the standalone doc browser for a quick take and can be launched also through the emulator (it does not work on the SDK 1.0), since the documentation provided by the Nokia SDK for Java greatly integrates into Eclipse  and NetBeans IDEs, the installer will asks to choose the appropriate directory at the installation time.

UPDATE 30/08/2012: The new release of the SDK (2.0) fixed above issues working gracefully out of the box in conjuction with Java 7, also to note a great integration with NetBeans 7.2 and Eclipse Indigo/Juno documentation where the provided modules/plugins can be installed manually.


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